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How do you find out about system upgrades?

I asked on the WS Direct board, but so far, no response. Contractors are hanging fiber nearby and I'm wondering what kind of service upgrades to expect.


Dry Branch, GA
The shortest answer I can provide: NONE

Fiber was installed almost a year ago less than a mile from my house and there's a fiber junction box less than ten feet from the copper. They are not connected. Apparently, they ran the fiber directly to a Verizon / AT&T cell tower.

Service has not improved, it's steadily gotten worse.

After almost two weeks, I received a reply to a question very similar to yours. Basically, maybe next year. I'm not holding my breathe, as that was want I was told last year.

If you have ANY alternative, use it rather than Windstream. You might be one of the lucky few that benefits, but I would not count on it.

I'm currently exploring other alternatives. Unfortunately for me, that leaves me with Satellite or Cellular. Neither is ideal for me, but will be so much better.


Twinsburg, OH
reply to UmmaGumma
Thank you for contacting Windstream about your service. We apologize for the delay in responding. We have submitted a response to your Direct Support Forum post at »Windstream Direct. Once we have the information required,we will take a look and be in touch.
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We're here to help! wci.broadbandhelp@windstream.com


reply to UmmaGumma
Finally getting some information.

Entire service WS area in the county is being upgraded. Fiber is being run down all main roads with DSLAMs being installed every two miles or so. I've already seen a number of the new installations in progress. At this point, many are still concrete pads, but some of the electronics are mounted also.

Fiber will feed the DSLAMs and customer locations will be fed by existing copper which will be 'cutover' to the new hardware.

Primary goals are:

>> To expand DSL availability to all residences in the county, many of which were beyond loop limits of the current system.

>> To increase speeds to existing DSL customers and address latency issues and peak hour loading. All residences will be able to get at least 3M service while those closer to the new DSLAMs will be able to get 12M service.

New units are supposed to have some sort of battery backups to cover minor power outages up to 'some hours' depending on load.

Completion is expected by the end of the year. I'm not sure how we'll be notified though when everything is on-line and we can upgrde.

One problem I see is that dialtone/voice will also be served from these new boxes instead of the CO as it is now. That means (to me at least) dialtone could be lost in extended outages. This area has lost power for up to 10 days in recent years during certain storms. Losing DSL for that period of time would be an annoyance. Losing basic dialtone for that period of time could be life threatening. Hopefully, they have a plan in place to address that possibility.


At least some of the electric meters are now installed at the new sites. Still no word on testing or cutover.
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