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Louisville, KY

Installer NO SHOW

My daughter lives in an area where she can't get cable or even DSL, so satellite is the only choice.

They signed up for service and were scheduled an installation appointment for Monday morning 5/26/2014. When they made the appointment, my son-in-law specifically reminded them that this is Memorial Day. They assured him 'No problem - we are working'

Today, of course, no one showed up. So they tried to call to find out what was going on. Most of the phone numbers don't answer at all and the one that does answer says today is a holiday (Gee, what a surprise) and that no one is working today.

How stupid can one company be?!?

West Mich.

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As with most things Hughes, the installers are 3 party subcontractors.
Many performance issues are related to poor installations.
Lack of proper grounding is a big issue.

It truly helps if a customer has some knowledge before hand.
Make SURE that the transmitter housing is grounded.

There is a very long thread that details one customers battle with Hughes and its eventual successful conclusion:

»community.myhughesnet.com/hughes ··· grounded

While the thread is very long it contains many useful pictures and a wealth of information.

A Tech

reply to n4aof
Every holiday this issue comes up. We get an email prior to each holiday reminding us to take points out of the calender or be prepared to work. Obviously someone missed it.

My understanding of the ground connection on radio is for use oversea's


said by A Tech:

My understanding of the ground connection on radio is for use oversea's

Please elaborate on this. The installers I've had refuse to install this ground wire.

Personally, I think it's because they don't want to come out of pocket for 30¢ worth of wire to do the job properly.

Quinault, WA
My Gen4 radio wasn't grounded and neither was my neighbor's Gen4 system. (The same installer setup both systems however.)

My Exede-12 transmitter / radio is grounded to the pole, and then the pole is earth grounded (albeit with a rusted steel wire).

My understanding is the same as A Tech's. I read somewhere that Hughes no longer requires the radio to be grounded.

West Mich.
reply to Crazyhorse
said by Crazyhorse:

My understanding of the ground connection on radio is for use oversea's

This goes to, IMHO, the difference between having knowledge of electronics right down to the component level and just a brute force "lets slap the parts on" according to the pictures on this sheet install.



We've been talking about this over in the community. I'm GW (short for Gateswood) over there.

Yesterday, Warren put in another work order for the installer to come back and do it right but it doesn't look like the dealer who dispatches the installers will comply. I don't mind installing my own ground wire but I don't want to void my warranty because I own the equipment. I just want to have the best possible system

I wanted to see what A Tech knows about this after finding his comment about the overseas only.

West Mich.
Hi GW,
I'm Gwalk900 in the community.
A Tech has posted his views on here before on this issue with some of the "old heads", some with military careers in communication.

Here is the thing, grounding is required by the NEC,
THAT ground, in the event of a direct lightning strike the entire system will be reduced to a pile of slag in a millisecond.

The ground (read "bonding jumper") will turn into the worlds quickest burnt out fusible link.

The purpose of that little wire is to bleed off any static electric charge that can build up on the reflector, mounting bracket and the metal transmitter/waveguide housing.

That static build up needs a discharge beyond that of the coax braid that surrounds the center conductor of the coax. The purpose of the braid is two-fold, to shield the signal conductor from outside influence as a reference point for the transmitter voltages.
Now, if someone wearing a pair of bibs tell you otherwise ... they simply don't understand electronics.



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I recognize you between forums and I understand the importance of discharging the static. The difficult part is getting it done. Hughes re-upped the instructions to the locals this today but still no acknowledgement the installer dispatch plans to do a dang thing about it.

Perhaps the better way to go is get warranty protection from Hughes that will allow me to install my own stinkin' little ground wire. It isn't exactly rocket science..

Edit: another benefit of doing my own ground is I can use 10 ga solid copper wire while I suspect the installer would use junk copper coated steel wire