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D Day +1

Today 70 yrs ago my dad stepped on to the shores of Normandy. Luckily he missed the D Day carnage, but there was still plenty of danger. His unit lasted 2 months on the line of fire before being captured by German units. He spent the rest of the war in a prisoner of war camp in Germany. Last night during a family gathering we honored his service. He is still going strong at age 92 and still driving his car and living independently. They made them tough in those days.»www.loc.gov/vets/stories/ddayplus1.html


Rosston, TX

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There was a editorial cartoon twenty years ago of a punk rock kid with spiked hair and piercings in a game store with an old man.

Kid said the game he was holding was the most realistic thing he has ever played.

Old man said simply, "Normandy".

Kid asked if that was a game. So sad.

Wyoming, MI

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reply to batman
Please tell your dad "thank you" ! I truly believe that WAS the Greatest Generation, both for the brave men/women who served and also for the civilian sacrifices. Imagine the uproar if something like sugar were rationed today ....!

I hope you're saving his stories. So few living WWII veterans now.


said by FureverFurry:

I hope you're saving his stories. So few living WWII veterans now.

For years he wouldn't talk at all about his service during the war. It has only been in the the last 5 years that he would talk about it at all. This was a guy who my whole life was a quiet hard working guy that wouldn't hurt a fly. Then I find out that during the war he was a sniper that knocked off Germans at 300 yds by shooting them thru the head in hedgerow country. And then the stories about POW camp and how badly the Germans treated the Russian prisoners.


Houston, TX
reply to batman
Tell your dad some random guy on the Internet thanked him for his incredible service to our country please.

Don't try to follow me, I have a cab waiting. EEEEEEEEradicator!


reply to batman
My thanks to your dad also. I know what you mean about them not wanting to talk about their service. I had 3 relatives who served in WW2. Two uncles and my father, all passed on now.
My dad served in the Pacific. Not infantry but in a MP unit but he got to some places that got him shot at, one was a small island called Biak about 2 miles long and still had Japanese on it when they got there. He said his unit arrived in Japan between the last bomb that hit Nagasaki and the formal surrender. He recounted how each man was given a Thompson sub-machine gun and .45 handgun. They rode in the trucks with the tops down and all the people in the city they landed in were lined up on the streets just watching. They had no idea what might happen.
His brother served in Europe in a tank unit. His tank got shot out from under him and he only told his sister the whole story and she never told anyone, not even his kids. Best we can figure is he was the lone survivor and he spent months in a hospital. No severe injuries that ever showed but he would have nightmares about that to the end. My Mom's brother was at Normandy, a anti-aircraft gunner I am told and he ended up getting badly wounded there. Lots of shrapnel in one arm.
We could never get any of them to fully open up about their time in service. Just bits and pieces.

Fairfield, IA
reply to batman
batman, from one old soldier to another, tell your father thanks for his service from me. My dad also went to war for WW ll, He landed in Africa, Sicily and then Italy. It wasn't till I came back from Desert Storm that he would even tell me anyt5hing about his service. I found many did not talk about it but they were still a close bunch who just needed that special eye contact with each other to know that they were still brothers in arms.


Thanks for all comments above for well wishes for my Dad. I will be sure to pass them on. And it was good to hear of your relatives experiences as well in service to our country.