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Oklahoma City, OK

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[OK] Issues with speed on laptop v. mobile devices

I have a Samsung RV511 laptop connected to my (Cox provided) Netgear CG3000d-RG gateway. When I run a speed test on speedtest.net on my cell phone I'm getting download speeds of 20-35 Mbps. However, running the same test on my laptop I'm getting speeds in the 5-6 Mbps range. I have the Premiere level of internet service, so I should be getting much higher speeds on my laptop. The software version on my gateway is V5.5.7_CPR19c. I can't seem to find out if that's the latest version or not or how to update the version if it isn't.

If anyone has any helpful information, I would appreciate it. I work from home, so the faster my internet connection, the better.

Thanks in advance,


Any updated drivers available for wireless card?

Are you testing on the same speedtest server on both devices?

If there were new firmware available the modem would automatically download and install it.
It is not end user upgradeable.

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI
reply to beardking
What wireless NIC does that laptop use? I tried looking on Samsung website but all the support information was "unavailable" although I didnt spend too much time digging. All I could find was it's B/G/N.

Also, what do you have your wireless settings set to on the gateway? I suspect its a issue with the Auto G/N mode falling back to G. What does the connection rate show?

And BTW, if you even KNOW what a software version is, I think your ready to upgrade to the big leagues and get a real router. CG3000d is like easy bake oven version of router IMO. XD


Oklahoma City, OK
reply to Anonguy
I checked for driver updates for the wireless card this morning and nothing is available.

Yes, I just checked to make sure that I was testing the speed on the same server on both devices.


Oklahoma City, OK
reply to Hard Harry
The network adapter under the device manager is: Intel Centrino Advanced -N 6250 AGN.

As for the wireless settings, this is what I'm finding (never messed with the router settings much):
Channel: Auto, 802.11 mode: up to 300 Mbps

I have been considering upgrading the modem and router, especially considering I'm getting such crappy speeds lately. I just don't really know enough about the new stuff to make a good informed decision yet.