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Old Redneck


Metrocast installation question

Hope this is not too confusing. I have a question about Metrocast installation.

I live in a rural Virginia county where -- much to our surprise -- Metrocast has run fiber down our road and is now connecting us to the 21st century with hi-speed broadband access, cable tv, and digital phone. I have signed up for the full package and installation will be in a couple of weeks.

I built my house in 2008, should have put in more wiring than I did, but, oh well.

Currently, my satellite tv has three horns, allowing me to connect three tv sets. However, I have tv outlets in 8 places in the house. I have a distribution box in my utility room into which the 8 cables from the house and the 3 cables from the sat dish run. QUESTION: Can I run the single Metrocast cable tv cable into this box, install an 8-outlet splitter ( Leviton 47690-8C 1x8 Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module ), and connect all 8 tv outlets in the house??

QUESTION: What does the Metrocast installation consist of? There's a big coaxial cable that will run into the crawl space under my house. I assume Metrocast will install a network interface box of some kind that splits the incoming signal on that cable into a tv signal, phone connection, and Internet connection. I guess the phone connection ties to my current landline NID; the cable TV connection goes thru a splitter (see question above) for distribution throughout the house; and the Internet connection goes through RG-6 to my Motorola Surfboard modem (and from there to my router) . . . right?




I think the reason that you're not getting a response is that many of us only use metrocast for internet, not for tv or phone, so we don't have any experience in the info you need.

Got Helix?
Putnam, CT
reply to Old Redneck

Late to the party here, but I would not use an 8 way splitter unless you absolutely needed 8 tv's connected. KISS, only connect what you need.