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[HN9000] Would grounding effect dish working>

Thursday morning, lightning storm came through, dish stopped working, wouldn't even communicate with space. Learned the uselessness of "tech support", and I mean utter uselessness.
Then today, Sunday, another storm came through, and all of a sudden it connected, and for about 30mins I had internet.
Got back on to "tech support" bc something about ipv6 security not working, then certificates not being valid, and so on. At least with the dish talking to space, an hour later, I have intermittent net that lasts for a few mins then cuts out for even longer.

What would cause the dish to do this? I have a guy coming out Tues that I don't want to pay for if I don't have to, ESPecially since it's 'working' for the moment, still slower than *@&%, but that's nothing new, since I know I"m not the only one paying for a plan that doesn't deliver what it promised.

I found the grounding wire and it wasn't in the ground, would that make a difference? EMP blast from lightening? (the dish has weather many storms since January this year). Or did Hughes cut me off and finally let me back in?

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
Ungrounded systems are both dangerous and under-productive. Fix that first. But your issue sounds more like a loose cable connector. That affects both the ground path AND the signal. Check all cable connectors, with particular attention to the outdoor segments. If in doubt, replace the connectors. If you're unable to do that, replace the cable segment. Make sure to use hardware and cable that is rated for 2.4GHz or higher.

Former DirecPC/Direcway/HughesNet customer and forum participant since 2001