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Lisle, IL


So we're going to Cabo next month. Yeah I know, Cobo in July? It's a free trip through my wifes company so... I have a couple of questions since I've never been there if anyone knows.

I will call them but want to be sure. But what do I need to do with our cell service so I don't come home to a $6000 bill that we've all read about? (Verizon)

Any suggestions on must-dos?
They have some activities set up for us. We're going to swim with the dolphins, zip-lining and some dinner thing. Any thing else that's a must-see? Unfortunately she doesn't do boats or open ocean. Otherwise I'd love to do some fishing or snorkeling. Who knows, maybe I'll ditch her one day and do one of those things.

z aXis
Arlington Heights, IL
I've never been to that part of Mexico but I have to a different area.
Personally I would be most concerned with security. Not all the talk and all the media but I would make sure the hotel/your wife's company assured me that everything was covered.

Other than that when I flew to Asia recently I turned off the cell service on my phone to avoid those crazy roaming charges. Just having Mobile Data on means the phone always transfers data when it tries to connect to a service. That means roaming charges.

Also using Wifi means you risk someone accessing data on your phone.
I just used mine for looking up info, music, games, etc.
Mainly I used my ipod, the phone was with me for emergencies mainly.

I would want to do all of those activities also. I would research on the web which are the safest/highest quality services. The fishing must be so great out there. The water must be so clear.

Have fun!

Iron Mountain, MI
reply to Jon
Buy a Throw away phone and add minutes as needed.
No one is listening until you make a mistake!


Des Plaines, IL
or get t-mobile

Lisle, IL
reply to Jon
For future reference if anyone searches.

I called Verizon. Basically you h ave to add the Mexico/Canada plan. It's $15 per billing period and you can set it up to expire so you don't have to call and cancel. And it's $15 total, not per phone. That gives all the phones on your plan 1000 minutes to share. on 7/29 it should run out and hopefully I won't have to call and fight them if it doesn't.

Text messages are $0.50 to send and $0.05 to receive. Pretty pricy.

The only data package they had was crap. $25 for 100meg (shared). So we'll just disable data and use wifi when available if needed.