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Gainesville, FL

Satisfied Hughesnet customer

I have been with Hughesnet for just over a year and a half now and must report that overall they have done very well . There are a lot ofnegative comments here but I have found very reliable (sometimes a bit slow) overall service from this company, had a lightning strike a few weeks ago and customer service was fine, service rep that came out was great, hot us back up and running. It's not all bad with Hughesnet, if wired internet was available I would take it but overall it's adequate.



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Well you know most people have busy lives and go onto the Internet to find an answer or to make a complaint so that's what we have here. For my own part I'm retired and fora like this one keep me engaged and challenged to understand this stuff so I come here almost every day.

Hughesnet has worked well for me for almost 10 years now--I was unhappy enough with the older setup I had that I installed 3G here, but with Gen4 I'm getting almost 10x the 3G speeds so I am very happy and 3G is relegated to backup service, tho Gen4 also works thru most rainstorms where the prior setup did not. So I am very happy that for the same price I get wildly faster speeds and completely adequate bandwidth (for my purposes anyway).

I think a lot of satisfaction, or dis-satisfaction, can be the result of the quality of installation for sure. I've only had people out here twice, for initial installation of Direcway in maybe 2005, and then last year for Gen4 (dish replacement of course), and both times they did a great job. It seems others have not been so well served by their local installers.

BTW I'm certain that 90% of the population is completely clueless about things like latency and bandwidth. And of course nowadays some companies (Apple for sure, MS too probably) assume everyone has Unlimited Ultra-High Speed Internet and their software services, web page constructions, streaming services etc etc reflect that and if people don't know or care about these their bandwidth can be eaten-up in a big hurry. All one need do is visit the Hughesnet Community forum to see the incredible postings there from the unwashed masses...
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