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Mineral Bluff, GA

Bad speeds in evenings in Blue Ridge GA

I am a 15Mb/s customer. I used to regularly get 13-14Mb/s almost around the clock. TDS has continued to add customers so that I'm now told I'm in an over capacity area. My speeds in prime time are 2-5MB/s, making it impossible to stream video via Netflix, etc. TDS customer service is a joke. I am basically being told I have to live with it until they address the issue, but nobody knows when if ever they're going to fix it. I've been on the phone with them 3 times today and twice got cut off to dial tone. TDS service is pathetic. Unfortunately, they're the only option for me in my rural area. I'd dump them in a heartbeat if I had an option.


Mount Juliet, TN
Are you on VDSL or ADSL2+?

See if VDSL is a option in your area. VDSL doubles the theoretical speeds of ADSL2+. If they do offer it, it's likely you will need to replace your router.

BTW -- Have you tried another router to see if it makes any difference?
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