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Charlotte, NC

Connection dropping for > 2 wks straight

I have a Westell 6200 bridged and a Asus RT-N66U wireless router behind it connecting via PPPoE. For over two weeks now, there's been intermittent connectivity issues. In a number of cases, the Westell's DSL light stays solid green. Recently, I noticed that it's flashing green, indicating it's attempting to sync.

I've called AT&T support on 3 occasions and they escalated to the networking team. They said they were adjusting some settings as they noticed a problem in my area and to call them back today with an update. I am still receiving problems and I need a real expert to help resolve my connectivity woes. I work from home so it's a real problem to have these problems at least a few times an hour.

I'm located in Charlotte, NC. I can provide as much information as necessary, just let me know what you need.


Oviedo, FL
I am seeing the same issue - but I'm in Orlando.

I have nearly the same set up: Westell 6200 modem to Asus RT-AC66R router.
My connection starts to drop around 5PM and drops/reconnects every 5 or 10 minutes it seems. I was thinking maybe the service was getting bogged down with everyone getting home from work and getting on the internet.
I was trying to isolate the problem to ATT service and eliminate any internal network causes. My research brought me here.

How can I tell if the issue is with AT&T DSL service or something hardware related?


Port Orange, FL
Bumkin: what has AT&T told you? I'd be more inclined to think it is water in the lines since that is about the time the thunderstorms have been rolling into our area...


Oviedo, FL
I have not called AT&T yet. I'm still trying to gather enough info to be sure the problem is not on my end somehow. I would think if the problem was on the ATT side, all my neighbors would be complaining too - which would prompt ATT to fix things.

Also, I use VoIP phone too so when DSL goes down. I can't call support to see if they are aware of any problems.

My wife believes the issue is storm related too. I don't see how water (or heavy rain) can cause DSL to drop out. It's not like my Directv dropping out during storms - which I can understand.