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Liverpool, NY

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New Verizon LG phone, can I connect with SSID disabled ?

Wife just purchased a LG VS876 phone from Verizon, I could NOT set it up to use my home Wi Fi with out "disabling" my SSID broadcast, "enabled" all is well, is there a way I can leave the SSID broadcast "disabled" and still connect to the home WiFi, I have MAC ID enabled as well as WPA2.

Using Verizon router - M1424WR




Liverpool, NY

Found the following in the Manual "surprise", and it works, allows the Routers "SSID Broadcast" setting to be "disabled" and lets the LG phone find and connect to the "router".

To add a Wi-Fi network

You can add a Wi-Fi network so the phone will remember it, along with any
security credentials, and connect to it automatically when it’s in range. You
can also add a Wi-Fi network manually if it doesn’t broadcast its name
(SSID) or if you want to add a Wi-Fi network when you’re out of its range.
To add a secured network, you need to contact the network’s administrator
to obtain the password or other required security credentials.
1. Turn on Wi-Fi, if it’s not already on, then tap Wi-Fiin the Settings menu.
2. From the Wi-Fi settings screen, tap the Menu Key , then tap Add
3. Enter the Network SSID(name) of the network.
4. If the network is secured, tap Securityand tap the type of security
deployed on the network. Enter the required passwords and security
5. Tap Connectto save the information.
The phone will connect to the wireless network (if it's currently within
range). Any credentials that you entered are saved, so you're connected
automatically anytime you come within range of this network.

To forget a Wi-Fi network

You can make the phone forget about the details of a Wi-Fi network that
you added. For example, if you don’t want the phone to connect to it
automatically or if it’s a network that you no longer use.
1. Turn on Wi-Fi, if it’s not already on, then tap Wi-Fiin the Settings menu.
2. In the Wi-Fi settings screen, touch and hold the name of the network
that you want to forget.
3. Tap Forget networkin the Context menu that appears.

Milledgeville, GA

1 recommendation

reply to JoeN

Or just leave SSID broadcast enabled, and make everything easier and just as secured.