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Berwyn, PA

Annoyance with Verizon Wireless Edge Program

In early May, I upgraded my older son and wife to the Edge program. My younger son and I did not upgrade because our contracts are up in the distant future. The Verizon sales person said there was limited time opportunity for early upgrades. He checked my account and could not get it to work but thought that it would be working in a week or two.

I looked on the web site and found this FAQ (»www.verizonwireless.com/support/ ··· dge.html). Which says in item 3:

"3.Who is eligible for Verizon Edge?

To be eligible for Verizon Edge, your phone must be eligible for an upgrade and:

Existing customers of 7+ months must have the last 6 months of good payment history with us.
New and existing customers of 6 months or less must pass a credit check.

For a limited time, existing customers who haven’t upgraded their phone since 2/1/14 can recycle their old phones and use Verizon Edge to enjoy the benefits of a new 4G LTE smartphone. This offer is available 2/13/14 - 6/30/14. To be eligible for this offer, you must:
Have a phone in good working condition
Pass an internal e-credit check if you haven't had an account with us for at least 6 months

Note: Prepaid accounts aren’t currently eligible for Verizon Edge."

We went back twice and both times the sales person said it was not on our account but would be soon. Based on my read of the item above, anyone is a candidate for this. My wife and son went yesterday, the last day, and tried one more time. Only to be told it would not work.

I called them this morning and was told it was a limited program only open to select Verizon customers. The FAQ says nothing about select customers. I am really annoyed at Verizon. Thanks for listening to me vent.

Seattle, WA
Having worked for them in the not too far past....

limited time indicates a promotion. promotions arent always everyone. the computer selects accounts for different promotions, save offers, etc. the rep at the store has no control and cannot add it if the computer hasnt set the promotion for your account. would be soon was the rep hoping it would show but didnt want to tell you the full details of how verizon "promotions" work