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New York, NY

Windows 8 Streaming Problem

I have two computers, a Windows 7 box and a Windows 8 box. I have a Verizon FIOS connection, the 50/25 level.

On the Windows 7 box speedtests I run look normal.

On the Windows 8 box speedtests I run look normal.

On the Windows 7 box, high def high speed streams play normally.

On the Windows 8 box, high def high speed streams are capped at 10 megs a second.

This has not been a problem before: Translation: I haven't noticed this before.

Now I am noticing it. Certain foreign countries are starting to use stream speeds in excess of 10 megs a second. For example, take a look at the clip at »media-us.media.s-mdstrm.com/v/52 ··· de27f6a9 . If you put that link into Windows Media Player (assuming the access token still works; I don't know if they're time-limited, but this clip is on the Teatro Municipal de Santiago web site if this URL doesn't work), it will tell you that the clip plays back at 28 megs a second.

That clip works fine on my Windows 7 box.

It plays with constant buffering (for obvious reasons) on my Windows 8 box.

What's wrong on my Windows 8 box?

Why is it capped at 10 megs a second (something I clearly see on my Rokario Bandwidth Meter)?

How can I fix this?

Pittsburgh, PA
Could be a limit by the host.


New York, NY
Nope. A very clever DSL Reports member here, Voltara, figured out what it was.

Many moons ago, when I was still using Sprint 4G Wireless on my computers, I established that if I turned off the auto-tuning on my Windows 8 then I would get better and more consistent stream speeds.

Subsequently, I switched to Verizon FIOS. All of my speedtests came up normal, so I left everything alone.

By the time I needed to upload and download items from my ftp, or watch super-fast HD streams, I had forgotten that I had done that, so I hit my head against a brick wall for months.

And then Voltara came along, tapped me on the shoulder (metaphorically) and said "Um, Auto Tuning?"

I had totally forgotten how I had turned it off, so he sent me the instructions and POW: Download/upload speed problem gone.

Of course, I'm still mystified as to why the Speedtest apps showed normal up and down speeds, even with Auto Tuning off, but whatever. The point is that it's finally fixed.