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Hudson, WI

ASUS RT-N66U Weirdness

My ASUS RT-N66U is dropping packets and doing other very strange things. It won't respond to wired requests for the control panel at, but it does respond to pings and the internet is working. It does load the control panel via the wireless side of things.

I've done a factory rescue/restore with the latest firmware and it seemed to run better for a couple of days but now it's back to being weird. ASUS tech support is basically worthless -- I submitted a ticket and they just asked me to do a factory reset/restore, which I had already done.

It's only a year old and I'm beginning suspect hardware problems instead of software problems.... Since the factory rescue didn't fix it, I'm sort of out of options, right?

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI
Try disconnecting everything from it besides a test laptop. Maybe something on your network is clogging it up, making it freeze. You can also check the active connections by going to Advanced Settings > System Log > Connections tab. If you see a bunch(50-100+) of connections open for one IP, go back to the network map and see which device is causing them. Then a Netstat will tell you what applications are using those ports.