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Rochester, MI

[PvP] Discipline Priests - PvP Season 15

So, if you guys don't mind (I know we have a few serious PvP'ers here) - I'd like to ask a question about priest PvP. I levelled my priest to 90 on Friday, and decided I'd go ahead and try PvP. I used my JP to trade for honor and went double trinkets - then proceed to grind BG's. A few nice guys in full prideful I know decided to work with me on 3's. I'm now in half prideful / still a few crafted pieces / the rest grievous (S14 I think), including weapon. We actually do quite well considering my gear level (we win 60% or so). The problem I'm having is surviving 2/3 dps opening burst / hard swaps.

This typically occurs against a stealth opener team - rogue / hunter / feral druid, something like that. I'll have a shield up on myself, and a sometimes I pre-drop my phantasm so when I get stunlocked they lose their opener and get feared (that's a bit of good timing AND luck). A lot of times though (and this is very frustrating) - I'll literally get locked down for 18-25 seconds straight - going from one cc to another (I pop the trinket and don't even get an insta-cast before the next one). I don't survive this well. If I get a breather, I typicaly do PoM + Inner Focus + Flash Heal (gives me a 200k+ 1.4 second heal, non-interruptable), then follow with a penance. If I get this far, we've won the match.

I posed this question on Icy Veins - and one guy told me my teammates just needed to peel better. I respect the opinions of people here - so I'd like to see what you think, too. Thanks!


Rochester, MI
So I think I answered my own question :P Did some more research and about 40 2v2 games last night - and won about 30 of them. I switched to divine insight and angelic bulwark. Gives me 100% chance to ignore the weakened soul debuff, combined with the glyph of penance I can shield, PoM, penance on the move while kiting --> right back into a full shield. Amazing how a few little tweaks and a ton of practice can work wonders The angelic bulwark just provides a little insurance against a cc chained burst - gives me an automatic shield worth 20% of my hp when I drop below 30% hp.