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fixing uverse nid after tornado

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So we finally got power back today after the tornado but the internet doesnt work. Att is going to take days to come fix it so i seen the nid box laying outside. After tons of googling i couldnt really figure out how this was previously connected. I dont know if that coax is related but im guessin it is somehow because i dont see another way its getting the outside connection... any ideas?

Mr Fel
Louisville, KY
·AT&T U-Verse
Coax is only used in diplexer installs, which doesn't work with bonded pair like you have, so you'll need to find the drop coming to your house. I had assumed it was a buried drop until I realized that green is line is the ground, not the bond, the ground wire I install is gray and the bonds are the same shade of green. So you are most likely looking for a line coming from the pole to house, granted it may be laying on the ground after the wind damage. It's just hard to tell what's going on with the wiring that's going to the house on a picture of the nid by itself.

But anyway, once you find the drop, replace blue to blue, orange to orange and you should be up again assuming there isn't any other line damage further down from the storm.
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Scottville, MI
·AT&T U-Verse
·AT&T Midwest
reply to mcook
The two pairs of wires to the left of the Green Ground wire are std telco wires from their plant. There may be a aerial drop wire that got pulled out of the NID, or possibly a buried service wire pulled loose.
The COAX dont seem to belong in that NID.
The phone Co's aerial drop is a black flat wire, if a tornado went by I'm betting the wire was pulled off the house by tree debris.
Be careful with the grey wires at the top of the NID, those are your home wiring, if you dont have some maintenance plan, with ATT fixing those could be expensive.


Cleveland, OH
reply to mcook
Well the blue and orange pairs at the bottom are the telco lines. Looks like they are all broken. The blue and brown pairs at the top are your house pairs. Nice scotchlock job somebody did. The coax I have no idea. Usually that does not go into a phone nid.
Look on the side of your house for a cable ground block. If you can find the telco phone line, you could hook it up yourself. Just strip it back far enough and hook the pairs up just like you see them. Then as long as your house lines are still in good order from the nid to inside, you should be okay. And make sure you snap in the device that is holding your brown pair. It looks kind of popped out.


Euless, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to mcook
From what we are seeing I doubt reconnecting the drop will get you up and running. If wind did that to your nid, I bet there is damage to the vrad and any other ariel lines. Good luck though! May the force be with you! If the physical plant is up and running should he take precautions to protect himself from line voltage?


Okay well i couldnt find anything else. Its kinda weird. Ill take another look tomorrow and then if i cant find it ill just wait for att i guess. My neighbor has his att up and running so i dont think service is cut in general to our street. I figured the coax didnt make sense but it was all i could find. Thanks for the info guys. If nothing else i find it helpful to know this stuff for the future.


Euless, TX
btw, i hope you and everyone is ok! If there is anything else we can do, let us know.