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[TV] Some TV channels breaks up at times - How do I fix it?

I was looking at some signal values on my drop and one channel I watch (BNN channel 66) tends to have some pixilation at times.

I plugged the line from the side of my house (which has a 2 way splitter outside) into the 8300HD PVR box and the signal I get on channel 66 is:

tuner 1: 855Mhz -4 dBmV
FDC 73.750 0 db dBmV
RDC 19 MHz 36 dBmV

When I get pixilation is when I plug in the HD box into a 3 way splitter and use the
-7db leg on it. Then the tuner signal drops to around -12 dBmV. Another channel I watch is CP24 and the signal values at that channel is:

tuner 1: 387Mhz 4 dBmV
FDC 73.750 0 db dBmV
RDC 19 MHz 36 dBmV

sometimes the frequency on this channel changes lower and the signal level goes to +10db

I then disconnected the cable from the hdpvr, and plugged the line directly to my cable modem and these are the readings I am getting:

Status Code: Operational
Software Version: STAC.02.50
Software Model: a81a
Bootloader: 2.3.1

Cable Signal Details

Forward Path:

Channel Frequency Power SNR BER Modulation
1 657.0 MHz 0.0 dBmV 37.8 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
2 615.0 MHz -0.6 dBmV 37.4 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
3 621.0 MHz -0.3 dBmV 37.8 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
4 633.0 MHz 0.2 dBmV 37.8 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
5 639.0 MHz 0.6 dBmV 37.8 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
6 645.0 MHz 1.0 dBmV 37.9 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
7 651.0 MHz 0.4 dBmV 37.9 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM
8 663.0 MHz 0.1 dBmV 38.1 dB 0.000 % 256 QAM

Return Path:

Channel ID Frequency Power Modulation
3 23.7 MHz 36.3 dBmV 64 QAM
1 38.6 MHz 38.8 dBmV 64 QAM
2 30.6 MHz 37.8 dBmV 64 QAM
0 0.0 MHz 0.0 dBmV QPSK

Data Service Details

Provisioned Address: Yes
Provisioned Time: Yes
Provisioned Configuration: Yes
Registered: Yes
BPI: Enabled

It looks like the readings on my modem (DCM476) is really good as it is at 0 db and the return path is decent as well.

In the past, I have added a 15dB amp to the mix (got it from Rogers) and that over boosts the lower frequency channels and my HD boxes in the house start locking up.

Does Rogers use Unity amps (ie. signal gets split and amplified at the same level so the net effect is 0)? This way the signal coming in is neutral and does not boost it.

the setup at my home is as follows:

Line goes from the TAP into the side of my house which has a 2 way splitter.

One leg goes into the basement and then goes into another 2 way splitter which feeds my 2 HDPVR boxes.

The other leg goes into my bedroom which has a 3 way splitter:

- 3.5 db goes into the cable modem
- 7 db goes into one HDPVR box (this is the connection that I have pixilation at times)
- 7 db goes into a digital terminal box.

I have booked service call with rogers but I am not sure what they can do. My experience with Rogers techs is that it is a lottery on getting someone who knows what to do. Last visit someone put a 15db amp and then added a -16db attenuator and it caused my return path to shoot to about 50 db and really didn't make the signal any better and make things worse!

How do I resolve this situation?


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I already answered.


Yes I know you did and I appreciate it.


reply to cepnot4me
said by cepnot4me:

I already answered.

where is your answer?
Try Rogers community forum, freezing issues