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Set up Frontier 7550 to work with AT&T DSL

Hello folks,

I have AT&T DSL service. My 2Wire modem died as it has done several times in the past. I was offered to buy a new modem for $115 and I said no thanks. Bought a used Netgear 7550 which turned out to be Frontier 7550. Called up tech support to set it up. The modem showed solid green DSL light and red internet light. Connected directly to the modem and accessed it at Went through all the set up steps and entered the primary login info. However, connection failed. The tech reset the password a couple of times but that didn't work. He was able to ascertain that the DSL connection worked fine but was unable to help beyond that as the modem is not supported by the company. I tried searching on the internet for solutions. Found something about VPI/VCI which needs to be set to 0/35 which it is. I am stuck now and need your help! Thanks


Have you looked at the modems log?
It may indicate what the problem is



The connection status is as follows.

DSL State Up
DSL Rate 7616 Kbps / 512 Kbps
Internet IP Address Not Connected
Internet IP Gateway Not Connected
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
User ID .................@att.net
Connection Mode PPPoE
Connection State Down
Modem's IP Address
Ethernet Status Up



If you live in AT&T SE area, try changing your VPI to 8 and leave VCI as is.

VPI/VCI ---> 8/35


reply to rufi

circuit is up and fine.... changing to 8/35 is irrelevant

authentication is the problem..... guessing that you entered the.temp password do I'm tech correctly.... that only leaves the user id in question

are you absolutely sure you're using the primary accounts user id?


reply to biotech

I do live in the SE region and changing VPI/VCI to 8/35 did work Thanks Biotech. Really appreciate your help. Thanks also to Wayjac.