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Markham, ON

Rogers Rocket Hub Replacement Blues

My Rocket Hub at the cottage decided to pack it in. I called Rogers and was told it was discontinued. Through several transfers, they were able to find me a replacement which is now being shipped to me.

While I was prepared to spend the $99 to buy the new modem, they tacked on an additional $28 because my two year term does not end till Nov'14. It's the difference in the subsidy.

I pointed out that the only reason I am on the current Rocket Hub plan was because Rogers forced me to upgrade when they discontinued the old Wireless Modem service they shared with Bell.

So forced to upgrade 18 months ago and buy a new modem. Now that the modem has packed it in, I still have to buy a new one and pay $28. There is a lack of fairness in this given I would have been just as happy to have stayed on the old Wireless Modem.

Oh well.


Scarborough, ON
You should've just asked to cancel your service. They likely would have waived the $28.