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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

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reply to roadkill401

Re: [TekTalk] what a group of idiots

I was dealing with one of my insurance companies a short while ago .....

First person (CSR1) I spoke with wanted to ask me the usual 'identity questions', ok, fine.... then I ask a question to which he doesn't have the answer, so places me on-hold, discusses my question with CSR2, and then CSR1 transfers me to CSR2. CSR2 answers the question....which then raises another question outside of CSR2's expertise.

So CSR2 calls CSR3 and explains my question to CSR3, then CSR2 transfers me to CSR3, and guess what? CSR3 (let's call him 'Nimrod' as a polite name) begins to ask me all the identity questions again!!!!! I point out to Nimrod that CRS2 had transferred me to Nimrod and even had discussed my query with him before the transfer. Nimrod digs his heels in and starts asking the identity questions again. At this point I'm royally pissed and ask for a supervisor and ...drum roll...Nimrod hangs up on me.

My insurance company is a bank subsidiary....... the CEO of the bank is a former colleague of mine, so I dashed off a quick note......

Karma's a bitch.

No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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said by MaynardKrebs:

....Karma's a bitch.

I hope you got 'Nimrod's REAL name written down.

Of all corporate entities, banks and insurance companies should be able to AFFORD what it costs to train their CSRs better, IMNSHO.


North York, ON
reply to jaysona

said by jaysona See Profile
Personally, I think CID, e-mail addy and secret phrase/word are enough to validate/authenticate the caller. Anything more is pure optics and adds little to no meaningful security value.

Also, if someone REALLY wanted to impersonate someone. It's already been done. All the research and information would be already in hand. None of these CSRs can tell.

And, they would not call into technical support. They want to avoid detection.

IMO, the point of "security" questions for internet/cable/wireless is just to make sure they linking the "right account" to the "right person".

i.e. not cancel "john doe" internet for another "john doe".


Ottawa, ON
reply to roadkill401
Holly crap this blow up like the godfather! just look at how much time ppl spend typing all this crap out, novels here lol I'm not even going to read all this! ppl go play out side and get off the pc.