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$40 for 5mbps - is cox trying to tell me to go away?

So I've been with cox for 10 years and I am used to having to call every year to negotiate with them to get a reasonable price.

However they apparently don't want to let retention negotiate anymore.

The best deal they can give me now is around $40 for 5mbps service, it gets crazy expensive after that. I'm not paying $800 a year for just internet access.

Tried talking to various people and got the same deal.

They wouldn't even give me the $5 service tier upgrade promo, despite sending the offer to me in the mail, they said I'd have to go back to full price and then $5 on top of that.

In 2008 I was paying $20 for similar tier.

Am I being unreasonable? Or is Cox trying to be the next Time Warner/Charter?


United State
Nope, not being unreasonable. $40 for 5 mpbs is a huge joke. 5 mbps internet should cost $10 month, $15 tops.


Hampton, VA
No, not being unreasonable, but I think $10-$15 is a little low. I'd say $19.99-$24.99.

West Covina, CA
reply to overpriced
Time Warner doesn't do that they give you the promo price on their website. Charter is more like Cox but worse. They won't give you a promo price or negotiate with you.


Norfolk, VA
reply to overpriced
said by overpriced :

Am I being unreasonable?

Well, I guess there's two ways to think about this. One is whether $40/month is a reasonable price for 5MBps. The other is whether it's unreasonable for Cox to expect you to pay the same price as everyone else for your service after cutting you a discount for 10 years.


Well, that could be considered opinion. In many areas, Cox is the ONLY place to get high speed internet, so there's often no competition to drive down prices.

I know its not just bandwidth and price being measured here; Cox has to provide the line and service/upkeep as well. So let's say that really costs $10 a month for those things (pretty sure it's less in reality), then the cost of bandwidth comes in, and $10 for 5Mbps down then sounds reasonable. So I can see $19.99.

Remember, when there's no competition, there's no force driving down cost. Why is Cox adding Gigabit service to many locations and doubling bandwidth for users in the coming weeks and months? Two words: Google Fiber. Many of Cox's territories are being targeted by Google. When they arrive, expect a price war to begin.

Tempe, AZ
reply to overpriced
I don't think 40$ for that tier is totally unreasonable. The cost of providing service is virtually the same whether you buy 5mbps or 100mbps. The only way itll cost them more is if your bandwidth usage requires them to build more infrastructure to handle peak demand. Hence, 2.5x the price gets you 30x the speed (ultimate tier).

Not to mention that users who use the lowend of the bandwidth tiers likely aren't terribly tech savvy and may end up calling in for support frequently which could easily wipe out any profit they make off you.

Warner Robins, GA
reply to Urff
Google Fiber is years away for most areas. Cox increased speeds and lowered prices here in central Georgia even though they only face low speed DSL providers as competition. But they are not fully using the economic leverage their network upgrades have given them. They have a network capable of 150 Mbps down. Price could be $150 per month. A service tier of 15 Mbps down/3 up at $30 per month would significantly upset the DSL ISPs who are happy to charge $45 for 3 Mbps. Cox could get rid of caps, or increase them significantly, and create a new lower priced service that would devastate the DSL ISPs. They have not done so. They seem to be happier creating new services that cost you lots of money to do things that really do not cost Cox much to do.

Warner Robins, GA
reply to PinkyThePig
The Cox company practice of using oddball proprietary hardware and firmware for (CPE)Customer Premises Equipment creates a lot of problems. I know of one subscriber who could have solved the problems he was experiencing all by himself, if he could have gotten the entire real users manual for the equipment that was operating oddly. Instead Cox sent out a technician who swapped boxes several times, who accused the subscriber of causing the problem, and who wanted to have the subscriber charged for the service call. Only when the technician used the real manual for the specific model of CPE did she discover that it had oddball non standard firmware that required a special set of instructions in order to initialize correctly. She had been using the generic Cox troubleshooting manual for other model numbers of the manufacturers CPE. The subscriber was intelligent enough to have followed the set up instructions himself, if he could have gotten the real manual. No truck roll, no wasted time swapping boxes, no unwarranted accusations of customer abuse, and no attempts to charge the customer for something that was not his fault.


reply to overpriced
Why do you deserve a discount? Do you ask at the grocery store for one? How about your utility company?


Lafayette, LA
·LUS Fiber
reply to overpriced
cox is getting killed here. I don't think I even know anyone in Lafayette with Cox service ... and not because the internet is way slower ..but their customer service and stupid installation charge gimmicks cost them. I think ATT has service here too ..because ive seen their trucks a few times.