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[KS] Upgraded modem DPQ3212 giving slower speeds?

Just today upgraded from Motorola modem to Cisco DPQ3212 and am noticing dramatic swings in wireless speed from 72mbps down to 2mbps. Before, with my Motorola modem, all my wireless would sit around 68mbps with little or no change in speed. This has had a noticeable effect on my streaming quality to the tv, as well as dropping Netflix completely requiring a relog. Also, with my online gaming I have noticed a staggering ping increase and "cutting out" while using voicechat. Any insight into why this would be happening?

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
Try bypassing the router. This will do two things, first isolate the problem, and second get you a new IP address.

Next could you post your signal levels from

Last, could you post a tracert to Cox.net?