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[Price] Sound Like a Good Deal?

Just got offered a promotional price and wanted to check with you guys to see if it really sounds like a good deal. Used to have fios.

$109.00/month which includes internet (105 down), HBO, Starz, Max and Showtime. Another $38.00 for one HD box and 3 regular boxes, HD technology fee and broadcast fee. Another $3.98 for two of the little digital boxes. With some additional taxes and fees, it comes to a total of $162.00/month for one year. The customer service rep said the above package would regularly cost about $202.00/month without the promotional rate. There's no DVR (which I don't need anyway).

It's a bit cheaper than fios with more movie channels and faster download speed. Sound ok? Thanks for any comments.


Verona, PA
I got my package through a direct sales rep... $109.99 for the X1 Premier package (includes hbo, stz, cinemax, showtime, sports, etc), this also includes DVR. 105 meg internet, $8.00 for modem/gateway rental, unlimited phone service, and $1.99 for an additional HD Digital Adapter for my bedroom. My bill was $130 after tax, includes $250 dollar credit after 2 months, and after first year it goes up $25 dollars a month.

This package is regularly $169.99 a month plus 8, plus 1.99, plus tax. After first year it goes up to $230 or something...but with the special I have, it only goes up $25 probably $155 or $160 for year two.

Wyoming, MI
reply to jennifer88
Looks okay to me. I didn't know they were quoting "regular" prices when offering a promotion but maybe it's something new.

What about your cable modem? I presume you own yours as that's an additional $8/month lease fee. (If you do own yours, hold on to your receipt.)

Joliet, IL
reply to jennifer88
Depends if the 105 is blast! Or Extreme 105