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Carlisle, PA

[Connection] X! Box on UPS

Has anyone put the X1 box on a ups? I hate the long time it take to reboot and we often get brief power outages (less then one minute) where I live. I don't want to buy an expensive UPS but has anyone had luck with the cheap standby UPS? I do not know if the box power supply is sensitive that it would still reboot with the UPS.

I have a MOTO mx011anm box.


Lemont, PA

[Connection] Re: X! Box on UPS

Though I don't have specifics, I too feel your pain. I've been using the Motorola DCX3400 on a UPS for quite awhile. Still from time to time, it does require a hard POR which then takes more than 24 h to reload the full program guide (and it still misses some until those programs expire).

My UPS also has coax in/out which seems to be a useful feature for surge protection.




Springfield, IL
I've ALWAYS had ANY of my DVR's on a UPS, be it any Comcast DVR (the fact the Moto's loose ALL prog guide data on any power failures, really makes a UPS a necessity, IMHO!) DISH, DirecTV, Tivo, etc.
It's a minimal expense that keeps from having to wait an extended period of time for the DVR(s) to finish booting up - & missing shows in the process. I'm also convinced it really does help extend the life of these "PC like" devices; nothing worse than having a HDD crap out with hours of shows you haven't had time to watch yet!

Lincroft, NJ
reply to gustavenla68
Besides puting the X1 DVR on a UPS, if you really want to avoid losing parts of a program being recorded during a power hit, if you have an amp on the line, you may want to see about putting that on a UPS also.

In many X1 installations, the tech will usually install a "Zero-loss Splitter" (aka "X1 Amp") to get the signal levels right:

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