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My package is 120mbit now but I haven't been upgraded.

Hi. I am with CIKTel in a Cogeco area. When I first signed up the highest tier package was 60mbit down 10mbit up and I signed up for that. It costs me $99/month.

My friend recently signed up and told me there is a deal. That is when I noticed the highest tier package now is 120mbit. I am still on 60mbit but the price I am paying is equivalent to the 120mbit tier.


So my question is instead of getting the upgraded speed can I change to "Extreme Plus High Speed" 55/10mbit which is only 5mbit slower than what I am getting right now, for $59.99?

I'd like to lower the package to save money while getting pretty much the same speed I am right now. I am only concerned about service being interrupted which would be terrible. I just want the lower price with no service interruption. My friend on 55mbit gets 60mbit down so I don't even think my speed needs to be changed, just the bill should be cheaper.