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Valencia, CA

Internet needed Northridge CA

Looking for internet in 91324. Current options are ATT and TWBC. However, would like to see what is available at the same price point ~$300-400/mo.

Washington, DC
Hey there, happy to help. We are a telecommunications master agency partnered with over 100 national, regional and wholesale providers. We have access to leveraged pricing guaranteed to be lower than anywhere else.

There are a lot more choices than AT&T and TWC where you are, so let's get to work!

PM me the details of what you have now, as well as the full address and phone number at the site and we'll engage with our carrier partners.

Or you can visit our website at »

Bandwidth Quotes

Chesapeake, VA
reply to mdrew
If it will help, you can get a snap shot comparison of multiple providers available for your location via email (real time) ... free and no obligation just by requesting a quote via this portal:

Dedicated Bandwidth Solutions

You'll get an immediate automatic email with a first cut run through from our quoting system which is tapped into a large provider database. All of which is proprietary and allows us to offer pricing better than if you went directly to the provider yourself.

If you'll add any specific details on your requirements in the comments section we'll do more indepth research on your behalf (again at no cost) .... and negotiate the best price for you. FYI, we offer a low price guarantee also.

In a nutshell we offer a free service which advises clients in need of a new or upgraded network system (voice, data, or both) ... as well as network expansions ... on the best options to meet their requirements.

This covers bandwidth circuits (e.g. T1 all the way through OCx), every flavor of ethernet and fiber, multi-site connectivity (e.g. MPLS), business VoIP systems (think enterprise level solutions), cloud networks, managed services, hosted PBX, etc.

Our service includes help in design decisions, fitting the right system to verified requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need (no more, no less), finding the lowest cost for the right solution (includes a low price guarantee), comparing available providers at the desired location(s) (by cost, quality, capability, and customer service), helping with the paperwork, and providing ongoing consulation throughout the contract with the chosen provider (including renewal, expansion, or provider replacement when desired).

In short...we're similar to a buyer's agent in real estate ensuring clients get the best mix of capability, value, and cost effectiveness in their network acquisitions. An example of a recent client we're working with is NASA's Goddard Space Center.

God Bless,
Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications
DS3 Bandwidth
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FreedomFire Communications.....Real Choices For Voice, Data, And Internet Services


Little Neck, NY
We may have some options, please visit » with full address for accurate quotes

T1 Lines and cheap internet


reply to mdrew
What are you looking for specifically? Commercial grade (symmetrical) or retail/consumer (asymmetrical)?

Here are a few options fyi:

1.5 x 1.5 Mbps T1 = $180.00 w/o router [$211.29 w/managed router]

2 x 2 Mbps EoC = $337.22
3 x 3 Mbps EoC = $392.22
4 x 4 Mbps EoC = $448.00

5 x 5 Mbps Fiber = $495.00
10 x 10 Mbps Fiber = $663.17

Please contact me directly to find out more: