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Lockport, IL

Electric supplier, thoughts?

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I just received this letter from the city of Lockport. I'm unsure what to make of it. Opt in? Refuse? Thoughts?


Elgin had something similar with Direct Energy, but the contract expired this month and they did not renew. ComEd lowered their rate so they are not as expensive any more, so not as much money to be made by other delivery places. Lockport probably got a better deal then ComEd was offering, and its only for 2 years, so it's worth it to go with the new supplier.
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Lisle, IL
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A lot of them have complaints online of jacking up prices. Paragraph 3 on page two seems to give them that option. And does that price include transmission and other fees? If not, what is to total per kWh charge? That's what I would find out.

And from their FAQ
Who do I call to report a power outage or problems with electric service?
You will continue to contact your local utility company for power outages and service problems. As your energy delivery company, they will continue to respond around-the-clock to outages, service calls and emergencies regardless of your electric supplier.

Who do I contact for billing questions or to make payment arrangements?
Since you receive your bill directly from your utility company, you will continue to contact them with any billing or payment arrangement questions.

So other than maybe adding some administrative fees to your bill, what exactly do they do?

I dunno, I'm always skeptical of these resellers. They could be fine. I'd just say make sure you check them out as thoroughly as possible.


Hanover Park, IL
reply to chmod
I was just changed from a third party electric provider back to ComEd after my village refused to renew their contract. The contact was for one year and ended up costing me more than than if I had stayed with ComEd.

I am now in the process of moving to ComEd real time pricing with electric rate changes every hour and I expect to save 15% to 20% over ComEds normal rates. During the day on weekdays usually no one is in my home and that is when the hourly electric costs are the highest. The normal non-real time electric rates are calculated as an average of the hourly rates for every hour of the month. Businesses use a large amount of electricity during the day on weekdays for office buildings, factories, etc. That drives the cost of providing electricity up during the parts of the day when they are using the most electricity. If you use small amounts of electricity between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays, this is by far the best plan out there.



Glendale Heights, IL
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Must, be a new way to make renewable energy

Oh Yeah
Naperville, IL
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Here's an interesting rate comparison that I pulled out of a City of Naperville document the other day. Rates have increased across the board. Several communities have opted to let their aggregation deals expire and have gone back to ComEd.
If everything seems to be going well, you've obviously overlooked something.


Flossmoor, IL
reply to chmod
My village was with Integrys, who pulled out of Illinois, and we switched to Verde. Our price is going up, but it's still under ComEd's rate. We haven't had problems with extra charges from ComEd, although my tinfoil hat tells me that ComEd took longer to restore our power after the big storm in July because of the aggregation deal.

The real time plan looks interesting, but my wife works at home, so I'm sure we wouldn't save money.