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Novato, CA

Broadband options in Marin County, Northern California

I think I may have reached the point where I can no longer do business with Megapath. The line they're providing (dry loop ADSL) no longer delivers actual broadband and their focus on making sure it's not their problem has left me exhausted and bitter.

But at first glance things look pretty bleak. What are my options?

I'd rather not do business with any of the major telecoms if I can avoid it. Comcast might be my worst case scenario, but I'm desperate. My ability to work from home is totally dependent on a decent broadband connection. The best case scenario might be news that Sonic is going to lay fiber in my neighborhood (Novato), but Sonic doesn't serve Novato at all right now (that I know of).

I'm currently spending $100/month for what is supposed to be 8MB down and 1MB up. But I'm really getting from 2MB to 5MB down and around 0.5MB up. And there's a lot of noise on the line that keeps bumping me from the office VPN, causing my backup scripts to fail, and preventing me from watching Netflix.

I also would really like to keep my static ip address, but I know there are options for dealing with that if I have to go dynamic.

Fairfield, CA
Comcast is fast but $$$.
More listings but no recommendations:

Novato, CA
Thanks, that was helpful. The one that jumps out at me in that list is WebPerception. They offer High-Speed Wireless. It sounds really good. My location enjoys line-of-site with their antennas. The speeds would be better than what I'm getting right now for about the same price.

But I'm having trouble finding any info on this technology. The keywords are common and mostly turn up hits that have nothing to do with delivering broadband internet to the home.

Anyone have any experience with High-Speed Wireless broadband?

San Jose, CA
·AT&T U-Verse
said by wagonlips:

Anyone have any experience with High-Speed Wireless broadband?

Years ago before either DSL or Cable Internet was available here (circa 2001), Sprint had a fixed wireless service. They claimed it was T1-like speed (1.5 Mb, which at that time would have been awesome) but it never lived up to that; speed varied dramatically, but overall it was only about twice as fast as ISDN. .

I'm sure wireless technology has advanced quite a bit since then, but I'd still be skeptical.