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Alberto Rosi


Sirus Sattelight radio has an alternator wine/buzz, how to fix?

hi, just a quick question, I have a '10 Hundai Elaintra, factory radio with a 3.5 mm stereo auxiliary input jack, connected to a small 3.5 patch cable, which was designed for sirus xm radios, connecting to my sirus xm radio which is suction cup mounted on my dash / wind shield, getting the hydro from my cigarette lighter socket, which turns on/off with the ignition. now when the car is off, the sound is fine when im in moshion I hear a fant hum in the back equal to me accelerating

what can I buy to fix this with a quick simple fix? since it only happens when the car is on, I seem to think it is somehow inducing the noise in my aux input jack, should I simply replace it with another stereo cable which has better shielding or should I add some kind of ground loop isolator or some crap


Elgin, IL
If the SiriusXM is like mine then you have a volume on the unit and you should have a volume on your Radio. The best way to adjust it, is to turn the volume down all the way on the Sirius receiver and then turn the volume up all the way up on the Radio, then start turing up the Sirius receivers volume until you either get distortion or you hear the alternator whine. you want it adjusted to a point where the radio volume is almost at max and the SiriusXm is not distorting.

Or you can get a dedicated 5v power connector and install a noise filter to remove the unwanted whine you hear.