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Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI

Backup Ipad photos

Recently my mother came to me with a Ipad full of pictures she wants to backup then erase from her Ipad to make room for more Apps and media. She has a Ipad w/ Retina 32GB running the 2nd to latest iOS. I will edit with specifics once I am on site.

The problem is at first I thought I could just sync then backup the sync file, but that got messy with Itunes. So instead, using a Windows 7 Pro desktop, I used Windows device manager to import the pictures and movies, but then the file sizes didn't match. The import file was about 2GB short of the 29GB file according to the Ipad. I have since backed that up onto a 32GB flash drive, but my mother is hesitant in erasing any photos without knowing where those 2GB went.

The question is; is there some other way of backing up the Ipad short of a expensive wireless drive or NAS? Could do cloud backup, but then that eating up a ton of bandwidth, so I would like to keep it local. Is there something with the iOS file system, or lack there off, that makes the file sizes different during transfer?


united state

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When you take a picture with an iOS device, the image is very large (so it can be printed). The image is stored in Camera Roll folder in Photos. To view the image on an iOS device screen, it doesn't have to be be so large.
When you sync iOS with iTunes, images will be imported to iPhoto (OS X app). Then, depending on how you set it up, all images will be returned to Photos (iOS app)...however, they will be optimized for iOS, that is, they'll be shrunk, since they don't need to be the original size (the images only need to be large enough to be displayed on the screen).
Here is the key...iPhoto, after receiving the images will ask "Remove images from camera roll?"...most are afraid to delete images, so they'll say no, when, in fact, they should say yes.
The (returned) images are now in an album in iOS Photos app, so there's no need for them to be in Camera Roll (the separate folder in iOS Photos app that stores pictures that the decide took), too! As such, you'll reclaim a ton of space.
The only disadvantage is optimized images aren't suitable for printing, so if you want to create 8*11 prints, you'll need to use the original image, however, most merely use their device to store and view.

I saw you asked about Windows, I really don't know if it works the same as with a Mac, so, the easy thing to do, is, if you have access to a Mac, sync. If not, but if a friend does, ask them to create a new user, do the sync, when the images are back on iPad, optimized, delete the user from friend's computer.

A few thousand iPad images, optimized for iOS, won't take up much more than a few GB. The same images, in their original form (assuming they were taken with iPad) will take up many times that space, eventually filling up device.
Many users (foolishly, as they are unaware of the "optimization" that takes place during sync), end up buying a larger device and paying to rent extra icloud storage space. I wonder how much money is wasted by people buying larger devices than they need?

I have 100+ apps, dozens of books, thousands of images and songs and room to spare on my 16GB iPad

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI
Thanks for the reply. That explains the difference between the Photo app, and Camera Roll app. But after talking with my mother (will be on site this afternoon) and this is something I noticed too, it doesn't just seems to be different file size, but some of the photo's are missing. We have only noticed a couple so far out of the thousands, but its enough. When I get on site I will make sure its not just a sorting problem, or a issue with how the client (Picasso 3) is viewing the files. Part of the problem is when I did the import, I choose to keep all the same file structure, but its making a pain to go through 3-4 folder hierarchy to check each file.

Another thing I tried was a to use Picasso 3 to backup the pictures it had stored on it. I noticed it would get stuck every few hundred pictures and ask me if I wanted to cancel. If I hit no, it would seem to skip the file it was having difficulty.

My main question is, whats the official way to backup your Ipad sync'ed files from PC to Flash drive? Or is that not a supported function since its not Mac?

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
I have never lost a photo when I have transferred them from my iphone/ipad to my Windows system(s) (7 previously, now 8.1). But I don't use Windows Photos/Import either, instead, once the iphone/iapd is connected to the computer, I navigate to the iphone/ipad folder with all the photos (Windows will treat them like an external drive), select all, cut, and then paste to my computer hard drive. Done.

Once the files are on the computer hard drive (however you get them there, cut/paste, Windows Photo), they can be backed up just like any other file.

said by Hard Harry:

I noticed it would get stuck every few hundred pictures and ask me if I wanted to cancel. If I hit no, it would seem to skip the file it was having difficulty.

It's always possible I suppose that the file is corrupted somehow.

Last but not least, I avoid iTunes on Windows whenever possible.
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Fozzie the buttplug, Vu the shitkicker
Evansville, IN
reply to Hard Harry
If you have Att then you should have the Att Locker which you can upload the photos too. I do that one, Flickr, and the amazon one which all are free.

Hard Harry

Narragansett, RI
·Cox HSI
said by DevilOnE:

If you have Att then you should have the Att Locker

Ipad with Wifi, no cellular. And I have options like Flickr and other build in apps but for security and privacy reasons, looking to keep the backup local. But thanks.