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Buk Lau


Order issue

Hello, i am attempting to order 12 meg uverse internet at my residence but have 2 issues.

1. I already purchased a gateway model 5031 when i had service at a different address yet when i attempt to order it adds 100$ equipment fee for a device i already purchased and own. I want to re-use the same device. The sales rep from chatting on att.com offered to send me a 100$ gift card to cover the cost but said it would take 1-2 months to arrive. I find this unnecessary.

2. I also have a 99$ installation fee but I want a self install. I know for a fact the previous renters had uverse installed here. There is a new cat5 wire and jack that was installed by a technician right next to my tv. There is no need for a tech to come here to plug in my gateway and connect a data cable to the phone jack. They had uverse tv and internet. The sales rep insisted that a technician had to come out for the install which is a waste of my 99$ and a waste of time, money, and a truck roll for at&t.

My question is how can i get this done without being charged $199 unnecessarily? I know for a fact that the gateway i have works and know for a fact that the house is prewired for uverse. I want to get service with at&t but not if i am gonna be charged 200$ for nothing. When i purchased the gateway i have i was told i could re-use it. Yes they are offering me a 150$ Reward card to cover the cost but that is not acceptable for me, especially when it takes so long to arrive. Hopefully you can resolve this for me and if not please direct me to someone who can.


·AT&T U-Verse

You have to pay the $100 for the gateway and then return the one you receive to get a refund(you have to make sure they're aware before you do so).

I believe that a home is eligible for self install if you choose tiers Max and under when it comes to VDSL2. Have you tried to order on the website?


reply to Buk Lau

I had my modem switched when I moved from one address to another. Originally I had purchased the first modem and when I moved to another location they swapped it out and gave me the newer 3801. I never paid anything else up front and was never charged a modem rental fee. I was concerned about this and had asked the tech if I was going to be charged, he said no and I never was. So it's possible to get a bought modem swapped out for another without paying again and waiting for a refund.

my thoughts


The 3801 is a leased RG not a purchased RG.
Prior to summer 2013 when the 5031 was released, the VDSL purchase RG was the 3600 but limited to short loop installs.
If you were a long loop (2200+) with low SN the 3600 would not sync, so techs were replacing 3600 with 3801 (designed as long loop 3800 replacement for IPTV). Once the 5031 (long loop non IPTV service) was released in summer 2013, techs are not to use the 3801 without IPTV service ordered.
Issue is 3801 lease fee, free replacement versus 5031 purchase with 1 year warranty.
On repairs where initial 3600 moved to 3801 now being moved to 5031, in future any issues customer purchasing new RG.