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Opelika, AL

Charter Connectivity

I have had this as an ongoing problem since I have had the service. Signal is dropped constantly. Charter has been out numerous times and failed to resolve the issue. I live in a Condo unit(2). Charter recently replaced the outside panel with a new one since they could not get into the old one. I have escalated the problem several times. No luck. I am going to attach the Arris modem event log. I used different modems and recently got Charters Modem and the same problem still exists. It seems when I am running traffic it works better but leave it for awhile and down it goes. I hope this is the general forum.


Cookeville, TN
Your attachment did not make it.

You might get some better info if you can locate and capture the signal levels page.
Give this link a viewing and see if you can get things like Upstream, Downstream, and SNR levels for your box

»Optimum Online FAQ

With luck the procedures in the above link will provide you with the info needed.


Opelika, AL
Thanks for the info I will do as you say but the charter problem is at another location. I will get back there later this week and follow instructions. I am going to resend the attachment. Thanks I am having a terrible time getting the attachment to go in my reply. It keeps telling me not to use my anonymous name

Grants Pass, OR
reply to aplayeru
Yeah, anon posters are not allowed to attach anything to posts.

Now, regarding your attachment. Not everybody uses MS Word. You can just do a copy and paste of the modem web pages directly into your post.

And last but not least, what we really would like to see is the Status page:

HW/FW Versions Event Log CM State
RF Parameters
Interface Name Freq Power SNR Modulation
Downstream 1 615.000 MHz -6.10 dBmV 41.70 dB QAM256
Downstream 2 603.000 MHz -6.50 dBmV 41.90 dB QAM256
Downstream 3 609.000 MHz -6.20 dBmV 41.70 dB QAM256
Downstream 4 621.000 MHz -5.50 dBmV 41.90 dB QAM256
Downstream 5 627.000 MHz -5.00 dBmV 41.90 dB QAM256
Downstream 6 633.000 MHz -4.20 dBmV 42.50 dB QAM256
Downstream 7 639.000 MHz -4.80 dBmV 41.90 dB QAM256
Downstream 8 645.000 MHz -5.00 dBmV 41.50 dB QAM256

Interface Name Frequency Power Channel type Symbol Rate Modulation
Upstream 1 31.00 MHz 48.50 dBmV ATDMA 5120 kSym/s QAM64

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