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Bozeman, MT

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Trash pickup one day late after holiday

How do they staff trash pickup one day late after a holiday?

I can't see them hurrying and doing the entire route in 4 days instead of 5, because then they would be expected to do that all the time. That isn't going to leave the last days a whole day late either.

Pickup is one day late for the entire week, so they must work the following Saturday which is not a usual pickup day? How is that a holiday for the employees? Forced overtime?

I think I would just rather work on Monday...

Iowa City,IA
In Iowa City they'll pickup Mondays & today's in one day (today).

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Ojai, CA
I think it's the same here in the People's Republic.
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Dupont, WA
reply to ttiiggy
Every where else I have lived they did the one day late thing. But now I live in WA and they still pick up on the holiday. Which has caused me more than once to miss the pick up. I am guessing the employees are paid holiday pay to work, but still kinda sucks for them to not have the day off.
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reply to ttiiggy
They pickup here except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. A think it is a 1 day delay on those days. Not sure how they work out the overtime.

It didn't happen yesterday but I have seen trash picked up on scheduled and recycle the next day.

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reply to ttiiggy
around here the city has it setup so that each day's route generally only takes about 1/2 a day between several trucks to complete. So when a holiday pushes pickup back they simply run routes all day to catch up.

The county, which picks up my garbage, has their routes set for 4 day a week and due to this they will simply pick up T/W/T/F this week instead of M/T/T/F. So Monday routes are picked up today, Tuesday tomorrow, then back to normal Thurs/Fri.

another local small city uses their "extra" truck to make up for normal pickups. They pull a couple folks off general public works and have them run the route. Both this city and the county use inmates for the manual labor and an employee driving the truck. So they really only need to pull a few more trustees out of the jail on a given day, other than fuel there is no real added cost.

Every area is different, and every sanitation dept within an area may be different.
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Juana Diaz, PR
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reply to ttiiggy
In my area when the city did the job, pickup was one day late on weeks with a holiday. They hired a private contractor a couple of years ago and I don't see the delay anymore. They are either working overtime for part of the week or adding another truck to makeup for the lost day.

reply to ttiiggy
Around here, they simply slide everything back one day... So if you're normally picked up on a Friday, it'll be Saturday.

The staff get OT for the forced Saturday shift.

Bloom County
reply to ttiiggy
For us in our city, some do get picked up.on the day of the holiday (at least for some) which would help in getting the rest done on time in one 'less' day.

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reply to ttiiggy
Here they skip the day entirely. No makeup day. So if Christmas falls on your pickup day, not only do you miss the Christmas pickup, you also miss the New Year's pickup.


reply to ttiiggy
My trash day is Monday; no delay on the city trucks or the private trucks. I used to do IT work for a private hauler (not one that picks up my stuff) and I know they never missed a day either.

I'm almost positive they don't miss Christmas or any of the other biggies, either.

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Martinsburg, WV
reply to Boooost
said by Boooost :

Here they skip the day entirely. No makeup day. So if Christmas falls on your pickup day, not only do you miss the Christmas pickup, you also miss the New Year's pickup.

I lived in a condo where the lawn mowing was done that way if it was raining. Our area wasn't mowed for 6 weeks one summer.
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South Padre Island, TX
reply to ttiiggy
FWIW here is the holiday schedule for my city...

The City Of Norman Sanitation Division will run regular schedules on the following holidays:

•Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Third Monday in January
•Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
•Independence Day - July 4th
•Labor Day - First Monday in September
•Veteran's Day - Traditional observance

The City of Norman Sanitation Division will not work on the following holidays:

•Thanksgiving Day - Those customers who have Thursday as their normal collection day will be serviced on Friday. Friday's collection will be done on Saturday.
•Christmas and New Years - If Christmas and New Years fall on a weekday, the service schedule will be offset by one day.

I have no idea of how the employees are paid, ie. extra holiday pay, etc...

reply to ttiiggy
I always wondered about this too. In my town they just bump the collection out one day, but only for the parts of town where trash day landed on the holiday. If your trash day is not a holiday it gets picked up as usual. There is no Saturday pickup.

They probably pay overtime since they are picking up double the trash the day after a holiday. I'm thinking it really costs them twice since they paid the crews for the holiday and then overtime on top of that.

Germantown, OH
reply to ttiiggy
In the case of Dayton OH, which is done by the city, the workers have a route that has to get done each day. They are automatically paid for (8) hours work too, so if it gets done in (4), they're still paid for (8). On catch-up days like the day after a holiday, they have to work "longer" than usual.

The employees are unionized, by the way. At a previous job, the hourly guys were USW-represented and had the same "quota" arrangement - they were paid (10) hours x (6) days, per their contract, and in turn had to produce "x" widgets per week. Many weeks, they left at mid-day on Thursday when they reached their quota and still got paid for 2-1/2 more days !


reply to ttiiggy
Cedar Rapids, IA delays the entire week. If you are normally Monday it becomes Tuesday. If you're normally Friday then the garbage guys are getting OT and your trash is getting picked up on Saturday.

I've had Monday pickup for the last 20 years, that's how it was in the 80s when I lived on the SE side of town where I had Friday pickup.


Matamoras, PA
reply to ttiiggy
Our small borough share their truck with another small borough, they bought it jointly to save money on private contractors. M/T is our pickup and Th/F is their pickup so holidays just push it to T/W for us.