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Which Router is the Best for Rogers Users??

As some of you might know, Rogers only allow one IP per network card. So you have to release the ip before it'll work on another network card. I'm not sure if this will affect your opinion as to which router is better so I just want to bring it up in case one router is better than the other for Rogers users.

My question is, what is the best router available right now? I need a 4 port router that can allow me to set up ftp, check email, go on newsgroups, share files, have firewall and if possible allow me to hook up the printer directly to the router. I know the most popular and oldest one is the linksys but I've also seen some newer routers. Do you guys know which one router is the best for what I need?

I used to own a 3com and although it says I can hook the printer directly into the router, I think it turns out you can only print in dos which is useless in my opinion. I still have the 3com router and one of its worse feature is that you can't reset the router unless you use a null cable and the hyper terminal to reset. What a hassle! And currently, I am not even able to reset the router so I wish to find a better router than this. I guess that's why 3com discountinued this product;/

Thanks in advance!


Calgary, AB
I have been using linksys on Win9x. ME and NT machine with no problem. If you are using one of these OS, stay with the proven linksys.


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A router is OS independent so use whatever you want. I also suggest the linksys.

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Whatever the masses suggest avoid!!

Suggest you visit the several hardware brandname equipment forums, read and learn and make an informed choice.

If you don't select a zyxel product a psyche assessment is in order j/k

Bunko Kanazawa
Bunko Country

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I use a Netgear RT314 for about a one year now.
No real problems and fast solid performance.

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I also favor Netgear's equipment. I'm using an EN104TP hub networked to my X-Box, and the performance is incredible. Sometimes I think I get better speeds while connected through it. =P
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Toronto, ON
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I use a Linksys BEFSR41 and it hasn't failed on me since I got it a couple months ago. Setup was fast and easy on XP Pro. Take Anav's advice and find out which router has the things you need.

I came across the same problem before I bought my router. Check out this post which has advice from others and links to sites for more info: »Which is Best . . . Linksys, Netgear, or SMC?