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London, ON

Does Rogers support any hosting services?

One simple question, without being on hold for 30 minutes... What service does Rogers provide where I am allowed to host my own services if any? I am going through the internet site and it simply does not tell me one iota. With Telus in BC they have a small business account where you are allowed to host your own servers for just under $ 100 a month. With Bell South you are allowed with a certain bizz package for around $ 225 US dollars that is, to host your own services. I am looking into this for at least 2 companies that are in bizz now and are looking for more speed. I know AT&T and Bell both have the ~ $ 550 T1 connections, but this is a bit high. We were looking if Rogers is providing something like this for a competative price say around the $ 200 a month.
It is purely for road warriors to be able to VPN into the computers. Even something like a static IP is hard to obtain with Rogers it seems.

Premium,ExMod 2002
So you are talking about mail/web servers and that type of stuff? I know they have a buisness package but its not to good. Its the same speed as the home service. Costs more but they say the reason for it is that you get "better" and "faster" tech support.

I still dont think you are allowed to run servers with the buisness package.


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