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wild colonial boy
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reply to Steve

Re: Analysis of Backstealth technology

"Can't open process. 5. ERROR"

That was the termination message that appears in the console...

... edit: and consider, too, that the implicit rules issue this has uncovered (again) is another vulnerability altogether. What good purpose do open-ended allow rules serve for the user? I make a practice of preaching to people, look, if you want to run a PC firewall, then do it right and restrict remote endpoints as much as possible... and here, we see the manufacturers putting unloggable, un-overridable implicit rules, and compounding the issues by making the remote endpoint "any remote host, port 80!" Why do I bother? Hell, that's unbelievable. They mean to tell me my firewall can connect to "porn_n_warez.com" as easily as update.kerio.com ? That's a serious problem. What purpose does a non-closable, non-loggable implicit rule serve to begin with? And even if there's an explanation, why... why on earth... make the rule endpoint "ANY" remote host???
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I know your IP address
Foothill Ranch, CA

said by gwion:
"Can't open process. 5. ERROR"
"5" is a Win32 error code
C> net helpmsg 5

Access is denied.

No permission to open the process because it clearly couldn't get the debug privilege. It probably also printed the message Failed enabling Debug privilege. Proceeding anyway, right?

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