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Rogers in Downtown Toronto?

Anyone know what the performance is like in Toronto? Specifically the Christie/Dupont area.. I know that would be pretty hard to pinpoint though.. how would I find out if my neighborhood's line is already congested or not?

and how likely is it for Rogers to implement the cap? If they do, will it also be 5GB? Cuz I talked to a guy from Rogers and he said that it's not certain that a cap will be put in place yet. He said that since they offer Rogers Lite for $24.95. It has a low cap. This is Rogers way of fighting the 'bandwidth hogs'.. I don't know about that...

and yes I'm already using Bell Sympatico right now.

I don't know about Christie and Dupont, but at Spadina and Dupont I get about 300k/sec down and 40k/sec up. (kilobytes per second)