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Ottawa, ON

Rogers Half-Speed er Hi-Speed 225% PRICE INCREASE

I am getting pissed off with Rogers and their one-sided TOS, and the fact that they have cut the speed back by 50% while lying about it. I am not a bandwidth hog, but over the past two years my service has increased in price by 12.5% but they now deliver 50% less product. This in effect works out to a price increase of 225.2%, plus a yet to be decided cap, but seeing how Rogers is matching Sympatico I would guess 5 GB/month. Rogers new advertised on their website is "up to" 1.5 mbps down (was 3 mbps)/ 192 kbps up (was 400 kbps)

»www.shoprogers.com/Store/Cable/I ··· lite.asp

Premium,ExMod 2002
Wow. I looked at that very page just a few days ago and never saw that. I sure hope that change in speed never comes. I think it may be to combat all the slowness some people see. Its a way to cover their butts.

I think I'm still good for the 3mb cap

2002-05-12 01:14:23 EST: 2012 / 370
Your download speed : 2012159 bps, or 2012 kbps.
A 245.6 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 370507 bps, or 370 kbps.
Seems like broadband .. above the 1mbit barrier!


I will look into this "change" in the speed and see what I can find
18.98Ghz of Cancer killing power commin at yah.

Scarborough, ON
reply to DLarose
noooooooooo.....for the love of god no. the upload is only 192 k, what is rogers trying to do, this is terrible. Disgusting. I am disgusted.
-In the game of broadband, sometimes you win some, sometimes you loose some-