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Canoga Park, CA
reply to MeeToo7

Re: IU Batch File Instructions Tweaking Thread

regarding zonealarm(free version)don't know if this is needed for the pay version.If after u gave the permision to the ftp to download the file it hangs then u need to do the following

Under windows 2000

make sure that block local server is uncheck
also ftp the symantec server that u are using
using the tracert command to get the ip address and then in zonealarm go to security|advanced|add|ip address(safer to just give access to one or 2 ips as sometimes they do change so keep a look on the bath file for couple of days to make sure it works,if not then tracert the ftp agen to see if they changed the ip address)give a name that u want and then type the ip number that u got from doing the tracert.Hope this isn't confusing.

Agen this is only if the ftp is unable to download even do u gave it permission to the net.

You Too?
Ardmore, PA
ylen13, I am using ZA free, on WinME, and there's no need for me to add the IP in the Advanced tap.

Only difference with you is that you're using Win2000, so I'm wondering if that's an issue related to ZA on Win2k?


Canoga Park, CA
it's probeably have to do with 2k.I'm not running zonealarm anymore so don't have that problem.For those that run 2k and zonealarm and can't find a problem why it don't work they can try adding ip address.