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Im wondering can you guys answer my Q's?

What kind of package did u guys get??

Im currently using sympatico HSE right and i wanna test out roger's cable in my area (Markham, ONT).

Well today a person from roger's cable phone asking me if i want to subscribe for it and i started asking questions and all that stuff. Well did any of u guys heard of a package for like 5 months for $24 (i think) and after that for $34?? (i dont quite remember).

So because its a little cheaper than sympatico HSE and i want to test roger's cable in my area, i subscribe to it. They say i get a new cable modem, but i forgot to ask which brand since i was busy with other questions too. So which modems did u guys get and what new cable modems are they offering anyway? anyone know?

They say the installation is free and i just said i want to test their service and if i dont like it i can cut it off anytime and stay back to sympatico HSE.

Well i want to their website @ rogers.com and their monthly fee pricing is like $44, what gives? Did they update their website?


oh yeah i think the guy said the modem is 3MB.

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In Markham, from all accounts, you'll be real lucky to get even 1Mbit/sec ... and anyway, Rogers now says max 1.5.

The service is $45 per month after a discounted introductory period.

If you don't have cable, it's $10 per month more.

You get a 10% discount if you are a member of Rogers VIP program.


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What kind of modems do you guys have? The new ones or still the old motorala ones? Do they make a difference, if so which one is better?