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Toronto, ON

Resolving Name on Winxp using rogers

Hey all,

i am currently running a forums of my rogers hi speed cable.
my main computer has the cable modem and i am sharing it on the client.

the main problem is the client is running the Server so when i typed in my new addr it doesnt resolve to my IP.

I am using no-ip.com to resolve but i still cant resolve since my server addr is 24.xx.xx.xx where as my client addr is

is it possible to resolve the DNS addr to the Shared Internet Computer? thankyou help would be appreciated.


Costa Mesa, CA
Check out the firewall settings on your main connection. There, you can forward your port 80 requests to the local IP.


Toronto, ON
reply to PcDude19
No i am not using the firewall with XP its disabled


reply to PcDude19
Windows XP port forwarding and Internet Connection sharing is very flaky. I had many of the same problems, where things would work for a bit, then stop working. Do yourself a favour. Invest in a hardware router that allows port forwarding. Right now you can get one at Future Shop for $115. This will give you a much better port forwarding solution while offering much better protection against intruders than Microsoft's solution. You should also notice a bit of a rise in line speed, since you're using hardware to share the connection and not the software ICS.


Scarborough, ON
reply to PcDude19
i had a quake3 rocket arena 3 server running on my other computer (
go to ur connections properties
then go to advanced and go to settings
where is says services double click on Web server
put in the IP ( and click ok (i am assuming you want a web server running on ur client machine)
if not just click on add. put in the ip. and fill in the port #'s