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Do not get GVTC if you can avoid it........

GVTC is by far the worst isp i've had, the biggest problem is that there is NOTHING I can do about it! Not only are they the cable provider, they are also the telephone provider! I've been with them since 56k, which sucked, and got cable as soon as they offerd it, which sucks even more. I am going to switch over and try dsl, which is supplied by, yes you guessed it, GVTC! Hopefully it'll get better, but i doubt it.

As for a recomendation on who to get instead of them I would choose......Oh wait, if you are in there area you can't get anything but them! I wouldn't mind their little monopoly if they offered quality service, but its absolutly horrid.


Canyon Lake, TX
awwwww, poor you. sniff, sniff.
i asked them about the monopoly and they told me that they aren't. Something about anyone can come over and offer service. i think the only reason they won't is because our area isn't as populated as bigger areas, so it isn't worth it for them. o well. i have dsl now and i love it. no problems whatsoever. thank god.

Whats This?

Boerne, TX
Actually word on the street is TimeWarner is getting very very close to here. I know people that have RoadRunner right outside Boerne. I stoped and talked to a tech that was working right outside of boerne and he said that he thought that TimeWarner was going to be offering in boerne very soon. But he's just a tech what does he know.

Is a company that is the only provider considered a monopoly? This is a honest, serious question. Are they considered a monopoly since there is no one else here?

But like I said.. I'm not the only one with problems. I don't know this guy and did not tell him to come complain, unlike others.. hint hint bigjohn.
2002-06-11 15:30:39 EST: 206 / 33 --- my isp says there is no problem. 512/256 plan.


Bulverde, TX
as for being a monopoly, i believe (and i could quite easily be wrong), that it is only "bad" when that company (like microsoft has been accused) uses their monopolistic status to remove competition or to extend their monopolistic status into another field. We don't stop others from coming in, infact in the canyon lake area there is another dialup service called Momentum Online. Our DSL network is configured to accomidate for CLECs (not sure if its clec or ilec, but i think i'm ryt) to come in and resell DSL (which is what most of the DSL providers in SWBell area do). And as far as reselling cable.. i believe it is possible on our network space, similarly to TimeWarner, so *shrug*


Kendalia, TX
reply to no1ukn0w
Let it be known that I NEVER have had anyone post anything to this site. SOOOOOOO screw you with your hints. I don't even know any of the people posting here.