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im switching from sympatico to rogers, i got a question..

out of all rogers modems, which one should i ask for because when i talked to that dude he said he dont know but i can tell him which one to order..

now ive seen that new little white one (ericsson) is that any good??

someone pls reply i need to know quickfast! thnx.

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
I dont know if you can actually pick one, since most areas are tailored to a specific modem, but if the area is docsis compliant you should be able to get any docsis modem to work, as far as I know Rogers has Motorola, Ericsson and RCA docsis modems. No clue which is better or worse, it probably doesnt matter, what matters most is how good your connection is and how overloaded your node is.
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Premium,ExMod 2002
reply to simke
You most likely can't choose. If you area is docsis you will get a different modem than if you are in a non-docsis area. Overall you shouldn't notice a difference in the speed created by the modem itself. It really has to do with the area you are in.

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Scarborough, ON
reply to simke
my friend was switched from motorola to ericsson after more then a horrible year with rogers... he was getting 25kbps/32kbps speeds... the pings were in the high 500's or so guess what... he talked to tech support... he got a tech to come over... and convinced him to give him the ericsson modem... boom... 8ms 1st hop pings and 2400/380 speeds.
i'm on the same phub as him... getting rogers back on tuesday... i used to be on the motorola modem too... 3 diff techs said i'll get a docsis modem (ericsson or rca)
i'm sick of sympatico's 800/100 speeds and 50ms+ pings to my 1st hop
jus ask them if ur area is docsis compliant and if ur gonna get a docsis modem... they know that much...

Thornhill, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to simke
with motorolla, getting these speeds....

2002-06-01 07:13:04 EST: 2655 / 312
Your download speed : 2655753 bps, or 2655 kbps.
A 324.1 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 312036 bps, or 312 kbps.
Seems like broadband .. above the 1mbit barrier!


hey thnx u guys, luckily my area is docsis and the guy said that i would most likely get that little white modem..

i got one more question..

i got LOOK tv, and am in a building where theres only one cable outlet, but since my old man is the super hes going to bring a line straight from the rogers box into my room..

is there anything that i need to know or tell him before he does this?


Scarborough, ON
reply to simke
use high quality cable and dont split it along the way
from what i heard rogers uses like rg6 cables... so he should use the same...