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Can't ping on Rogers Hi Speed

Since my last ip rotation I have not been able to ping. I've been tryign to fix my RWIN but no program can figure out my setting since pinging won't work. However, ftp is fine, http is fine through IE or netscape, but if you go into dos to ping it times out. On Windows XP encase that might matter and personal firewall is disabled.


Noblesville, IN

Don't know what type of firewall you are using, but if you have something like zone alarm and it's disabled that is good, but did you remember to disable the built in Windows firewall?

Also, if you are comfortable with looking at or editing the registry, you can look here for your RWIN value (IMPORTANT WARNING: messing in your registry when you don't know what you are doing can trash your Windows setup).


In the parameters folder the key you want to look at for RWIN is called "TcpWindowSize". It will have a binary number followed by the decimal number and will look something similar to this "0X000100a4 (65700) Your number may be different and as you can see my RWIN is 65700. There is another key in the parameters folder that I have set the same as above which is called "GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize"

Anyway, if you need some info on this you can look here, even though I feel they set their RWIN number too high: http://www.speedguide.net/Cable_modems/cable_reg_win2k.shtml
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Hmm... so it could be the RWIN. Up until yesterday when I reset my RWIN back to standard default it was an insanely high number (result of to many tweaks) so I wanted to ping to find out what I should be using but then I couldn't do that.

As for proxy I'm using Wingate 4.0 Engine.

Calgary, AB

suggest you ask the knowledgeable folks at the broadband tweaks forum - »Broadband Tweaks - and use the registry program drtcp from there (easy to use gui interface with the registry)
- read the *all users* post, answer the 11 questions and do the tweak, speed, and line tests

speedguide isn't too well regarded there , among other things it does set rwin waaaaay too high

37960 or even 43800 may be a better rwin to start, especially as Rogers has dropped to a 1500 connection from the previous 3000
Help Team Discovery find a cure

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Thornhill, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
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Have you released and renew ip?



(also try resetting the modem at the back)


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Ok I'll try those things when I get back home, I guess I'm the only one having this problem. I'll try resetting the ip on my machine (behind firewall) and see what happens. The main server seems to be able to browse fine as well but not ping, I guess I can try to do the same thing on that one.


Toronto, ON
reply to Osupreme
what sites are you pinging? try to ping your gateway, or something else within the rogers network.

can you traceroute?