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Is there a CAP or not?

Anyone using Rogers Hi-Speed know whether a monthly cap is in place yet? I just started using the service, and I have already downloaded 4 gigs. I looked on their website, it says 'unlimited access', but Bell also says that on their website and they're no longer 'unlimited'. So, I am curious to know? (I really don't want to call customer service to ask them).


Vancouver, BC
All I've heard is the cap should be in place by the end of the summer. I don't think call TS will do as it seems quite few salespeople aren't even sure.

The problem with the "unlimited access" phrase is it has numerouse interpretations. I'll bet that Bell (and soon Rogers) takes it to mean that the users have unlimited access to the service, but more one uses it the more they charge. Kinda like long distance calls. We users think of it more in the line of unlimited uses period without any fancy word games. Each interprets to their own advantage.


reply to BioSync
I can "access" any car dealership in town, but I don't have unlimited "usage" of their automobiles, or even restricted "usage", for that matter .
You are confusing "access" with "usage" (as in "broadband usage")


reply to BioSync
I love Rogers! It's the true gateway to God. Jesus loves Rogers.

Rogers showed me the way! I was once lost, and now I'm found.

Thank you Rogers HiSpeed.