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Rogers vs. Bell

The following are only my opinions from what I have experienced in this ever changing broadband world....I would be delighted to hear what your thoughts are on the following:

I just signed up with Rogers last week, and prior to that I was using Bell's Sympatico HSE (in Toronto). In less than a week of having used Rogers, I am ready to say that Sympatico is the BETTER of the two.


1. With Bell, I was told to expect up to 960 kbps downstreams, and that's exactly what I got....CONSISTANTLY.

2. Rogers told me to expect 1.5 mbps downstreams....I have not seen anything near that. In fact, during the evening when I use the Internet most often, speedtests reveal downstreams of around 600 - 800 kbps (slower than Bell).

3. With Bell, in the 6 months I had their service, it had NEVER GONE DOWN once. I was always able to connect with no hassles.

4. In the 6 days I've had Rogers, it's been down twice already - both times during 'peak hours'. (if this trend keeps up....it will be 1 month of downtime for Rogers in the same 6 month flawless performance offered by Sympatico).

Having said the above, it seems so wrong that Bell is the first to introduce the monthly downstream cap, resulting in a lot of users switching to Rogers....what a way to lose business to an inferior service. Bell gave me everything they said I'll get....Rogers has been providing about half of what they told me so far....if it were not for the squandering cap with Bell....I would have stuck with them.

But, if rumours hold, and Rogers does introduce similar monthly caps in the near future, I expect a wave of customers to choose Bell over Rogers. Their current quote of '500 000 customers' would probably be '5000' customers.

>>In case someone thinks I work for Bell because I am praising them....the opposite is in fact true....I work for Rogers.



First of all it all depends on the area you are in... I have had rogers for 8 months, and i have only had one outage which lasted about an hour... People in my area get a max of like 750 kbps with sympatico... With Rogers I used to get 2500 kbps most of the time (during @home), with a minimum speed of 1000 kbps which was rare... This is 3 times faster than sypatico...

Then they capped off my speed to 1500... I average between 1000 kbps and 1280 kbps, still faster than what people are getting for sympatico, especially in my area... Personally from what i've seen with my neighbours and friends, i'll take rogers any day of the week...


Uxbridge, ON
reply to Schemes
Have you re-tweaked your system for Rogers?


I have not done anything to my system to 'tweak' it for Rogers......I am running Windows ME......

Scarborough, ON
reply to Schemes
You can't trust those speed test.


Scarborough, ON
reply to Schemes
how bout changing ur MTU to 1500... and maybe upping ur RWIN a litle

i had both rogers and sympatico too... i used to get around 800/100 speeds with sympatico
with rogers i get over 2000kbps pretty much anytime... the highest i got yet was 2600+/380+
i get around 6ms pings to my 1st hop. my rogers hasnt gone down for a long time now
i had it before sympatico but it was a bit more incosistent... now with the docsis modems its way better...
i'm happy with 3x the speed (for now) and 10 times lower pings to my 1st hop.


reply to Kabdel
hey kabdel...what's your RWIN...since i'm using Windows ME and your speeds are faster than mine, i just wanted to know...


I use 43800 for RWIN value...