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Solution to Rogers New Cap

Well, we all know by now that our "friends" at Rogers are implementing a 1500/192 Speed Cap, and maybe even a 5GB Bandwith cap by next month, not to mention that the fee has increased by $5. The only solution to this problem is to switch ISPs. Since there are no other Cable Internet Service Providers in our area, the only sensible choice would be DSL. By DSL, I don't mean Sympatico (they are worse), but other DSL/ADSL/SDSL ISPs. I know there are independent DSL providers out there, but the task is just finding them. With these words of "wisdom" I would like all Rogers users who are not satisfied with this scenario to look around for other RESIDENTIAL DSL PROVIDERS and post them on this forum.

-Its just a suggestion.
-Consider it.
-If you don't like it, don't flame me.

Thanks in advance.


Uxbridge, ON
Doing some stumping to try to get some people off your node?

reply to leafzfan50
Bob Carrick's site and his canadian ISP site is already advertised here in the Canadian Broadband forum in the last week.

Premium,ExMod 2002
reply to leafzfan50
As much as I want to I don't want all the things that would come with a new ISP. The being new webspace, new stuff to learn about and all that junk. The thing that would be the worst is having to change emails again. If that isn't a problem for you then yah for sure get DSL. I may get it for me and have the rest of the family keep the cable but only time will tell what I do

18.98Ghz of Cancer killing power commin at yah.

Bob Carrick
Premium,ExMod 2002
New York, NY
reply to sbrook
Since no link was listed or a real description of the site, I'll mention it.
»www.canadianisp.com - Is the first and only website to allow consumers a one stop shop to find or rate any internet service provider and their services in Canada. Internet Service Providers list their own companies and their services in real time (for free) and then update them as they roll out new services, or service areas. End users of those providers are able to rate their services so the population of Canada won't just get the service providers take on their services, but will also be able to get the feed back of real customers.
Bobhttp://www.carricksolutions.com - The largest PPPoE Help Website, including Tango Manager, EnterNet, WinPoET, MacPoET, Sympatico Access Manager,RASPPPoE, CFoS, NetVoyager, Broadjump SAM