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Etobicoke, ON

Transfer Caps!! - Sign Petition!!!!

Not sure if this will do any good, however from a link that was attatched to the Residential Broadband Users' Association: »www.rbua.org/ There is a petition to stop the transfer caps that Rogers is looking to impliment.

Please sign it, sign up your whole family and all of your friends as well! Seems like this is the only public way to band together and voice our opinions from what I've seen thus far:

»www.petitiononline.com/carrick/p ··· ion.html


Bob Carrick
Premium,ExMod 2002
New York, NY
You are just posting links all over to things I've done to try and fight the caps, like »www.canadianisp.com and the petition I started way back to fight the caps. I can only say thanks for supporting the cause and helping fight the big fight.
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Etobicoke, ON
reply to Heineken77
Hello again

No thanks needed, I am glad to do all I can to help, and I hope those on this forum that frequent other forums would post these links to their respective forums. Information was meant to be shared, and you're doing a good job of providing wonderful free services. Thank you once again.

BTW...next time you're doing a radio interview, I would love to know about it Would be intereted in listening to your views!