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North York, ON

Rogers Hi-Speed Lite Service

Has anyone tried this service? if you do not do anything that demands high bandwith or speed (like gaming, etc.) are you fairly satisfied with the speed? any other comments?

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
One of my friends recently switched to the Lite version, and he likes it so far. He isnt a heavy user, and he couldnt quite justify paying $48.10 per month after the $5 hike in May for the full service. I've been to his place and its pretty quick, for 128/64 service. Downloads seem to be in the 13-16KB/sec range, which is acceptable.
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elva lover

me and my friend used to tweak 56k access like mad... we were able to make it dl and ul at 10kbyte/s max! pretty sweet for below $10

Scarborough, ON
reply to BigDaddy7
I have gotten alot of my family/friends to get lite, they don't really need the speed, all they do is check mail, and browse once in while, instead of the tiring 56 k modem connection. So I have tried it out on their connection, from the 3 connections I have tested, on average your speed should be around 14 kilobytes in peak times, you can get higher if you tweak properly, or if your connection is really good. Also, the webpage loading also got better, and the speeds help if you happen to download mp3's once in a while. If you area heavy user, or download mp3's alot, lite is not for you, if you browse, download mp3's once in a while, and chat alot, you can get lite.I would get it, but I cant stand the 16 kb connection, and i download stuff alot.