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Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Heineken77

Re: Rogers' highest tier to be 3000/384

Yep, well I have been a cablemodem subscriber for 4 years now, first 2 years with Shaw (The best god damn internet on the planet), and the past 2 years with Rogers since they took over from Shaw. Since then, Rogers has now TWICE reduced the speeds, and increased the price by $5. How nice eh? And now the monthly caps are looming. Broadband is going to hell in this country. Canada was thought by many to have the best high speed internet options a few years ago, now its just a disgrace with what these ISP's are doing to their customers. At first they told you "Download all you want, its fast, its always on, don't take up your phone line" bullshit, now if you do that, they call you an abuser. In 2 years I have gone from a virtually uncapped cablemodem downstream of 10mbit and 1mbit upstream(with Shaw), to a piddly 1500/192kbps speed with Rogers. They should call it NarrowBand for christ sake! bleh, thats my 2 cents.
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Stoney Creek, ON
said by HiVolt:
The CRTC should do something about its, and should force Rogers to let other ISP's use their cable to provide cabletv and internet services
They already have that in place. if a 3rd party resellers wants to use their lines, rogers has to let them. Cogeco has 3 or 4 resellers of their service in muskoka regions. Im sure if a small company want to resell rogers service, then rogers has no choice but to let them. The problem is that its not very profitable for smaller cable ISP to do this.


reply to HiVolt
You think you got bad caps down here int the USA our caps are at 1.5 megs down and 128k up. I'm on Comcast and they once had a nice 3megs down and 256k up. Uped there prices and lowered there caps. At least this isn't happening int the USA.